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We present you our new zero-waste products! We have long wanted to introduce a range of products that make our everyday lives more sustainable. Our new vegetable bags and make-up removal pads are sustainable both in production and in use, i.e. from A to Z. These are products that are made from recycled materials - only the sewing thread is new.

Instead of buying new textiles for production, we decided to tackle the problem of massive textile waste directly. That is why we only use leftovers for our zero-waste line that arise in the textile industry.

Your zero-waste products cover the shortest possible route before they land in your mailbox →

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Did you know that the fashion and textile industry is the second largest polluter? Only the oil industry is more damaging in this regard. Our consumption has increased by as much as 400% in the last two decades. We buy a total of 80 billion items of clothing a year. Unfortunately, these are rarely long-lasting fashions; instead, 90%s end up in the garbage dump. 

The textile goods of our everyday life are more and more deflationary products - that is to say, their value is steadily decreasing, so that we perceive them more and more as throwaway products. We should treat it like an investment. Just as we carefully consider which washing machine and which car to buy. 

Here are a few tips from us on how to shop more carefully and sustainably:

  • Think first, then buy! Before buying a new product, consider whether you really need it and whether you already have a similar one lying around at home.
  • Do some research: see where the products come from.
  • Re-use: Make new from old. Get in the habit of thinking about what you can do in your home with the materials you already have. You can find tutorials and great inspiration on the internet!
  • Give away and sell products that you really no longer need and give them the chance to please someone else.
  • I need reusable goods: So get rid of plastic bags, cling film and paper cups - there are various more sustainable solutions for this.
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We believe that every effort is important for a more sustainable world. We won't be able to save the world with our zero-waste products, but we hope to set an example that there is always another way and that it is worthwhile to look for new solutions. 

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